Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Strawberries - The Next Generation

Hello there, Ruby Tuesday lovers. Remember those luscious strawberries from a couple of weeks ago? Well, I decided to take some of them and use them for my first effort at making strawberry jam. I used this friendly video as a start, and found myself well on my way. Pretty soon, they had turned into this, bubbling away on the stove:

After, I stuck them in a jar:

And then, in the light, they almost seemed to glow!

As always, feel free to click on the photos to enlarge them. And of course, do check out more Ruby Tuesday posts, at Work of the Poet. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Hootin Anni said...

Well now...guess what? Would you believe there is drool dripping onto my keyboard right now?

My Ruby Tuesday is HERE. Do come join me if you can find time today.

maryt/theteach said...

That strawberry jam looks dee-lish, Toby! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

They look wonderful and yet I am not a jam lover.

EJ said...

makes my mouth watery yum!

Art Explorations of my kids is my entry for Ruby Tuesday!

Kim, USA said...

Hmmm that is very yummy. That is what I am planning this year to make lots of strawberry jam. Thanks for sharing!


Teresa said...

Yummmmm! tasty and beautiful.

Stine in Ontario said...

Strawberry jam...homemade? YUM!