Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shadow Shot - Windchimes! And a question

Hey everyone! Happy Post-Thanksgiving! I just wanted to take a second to share this cool shadow that I found in my house last week - these pretty windchimes that my daughter received for a birthday present last year. Aren't they charming?

For more cool, shadowy photography from all over the world, go check out Shadow Shot Sunday, hosted beautifully at Hey Harriet. You'll be happy that you went!

By the way - I have a question for you all! Ready? Here goes: Mary used to host a weekly meme on Wednesdays, called Window Views... and Doors, Too! She recently had to close it down, and I miss it dearly. Maybe it's because I studied architecture, and maybe not, but I really do enjoy finding interesting parts of buildings to photograph! Anyway, I was thinking of starting up a new meme in its place - I'm thinking of calling it Whimsical Windows. My question is this - if I do, will you participate? A meme for one is surely no fun :)

Let me know what you think in the comments! If there's interest, I'd like to start it up soon!

Have a great day all!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pomegranates for Ruby Tuesday!

As we know, Rosh HaShana is the holiday of pomegranates. I love pomegranates! But after Rosh HaShana is over, although they're still sold everywhere, I just don't think of buying them. I mean, the holiday is over, right? But this year, somehow I decided that pomegranates are good enough to keep eating, and so I've bought a few more over the last month. Yum! I've been putting them in salads and just munching on them, totally healthy, very yummy, and *very* Israeli! 

Opening a pomegranate can be a little daunting - what seems like a great idea can lead to a huge, juicy mess very quickly. Over the past couple of years, we've been using the underwater method, and it's served us quite well. But after reading this inspiring blog post, I decided to brave it alone. And it turned out pretty well!

(check out the white cutting board!!)

Naturally, I'm posting this to Ruby Tuesday, that weekly meme of reddish things, hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet. Go there right now to see more entries from all over the world! Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Skywatch - a sunset

This one is so pretty, I just can't resist posting it! Here you go - the sun setting as I was leaving work yesterday:

Nice one, right?

For more sky photography from all over the world, go check out Skywatch Friday right now! You'll be glad that you did! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - I missed you!

Oh, I really missed Shadow Shot Sunday! For those who don't remember, it's that cool as anything weekly meme, hosted beautifully at Hey Harriet. I haven't had time to post recently, and now it's been cloudy, but a few weeks ago, the theme at 52 frames (remember that?) was shadows, and I posted this:
Pretty cool, right? I figured I may as well share :)

Go check out Shadow Shot Sunday right now to go see lots of shadowy photography from all over the world! You'll be glad you did! Happy Sunday everyone, and have a great week!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Sunrise!

Generally, I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed before 6:30. But last week, for some strange reasons that I won't bore you with here, I had to get up *very* early, and found myself baking chala at 5:00 AM. There I was, engrossed in kneading and braiding, when I happened to turn around. I hadn't realized that I'd be in for such a good show! It started out impressive, and kept getting better and better...

It was unreal! I have to start waking up earlier on a regular basis :)

Naturally, I'm posting this to Skywatch Friday, that weekly meme that showcases beautiful skies from all over the world. Go check it out - you won't regret it!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some tiny rubies, for Tuesday

Looking out the window at my office, I saw this innocent looking bush. 
But then something reddish caught my eye. I went outside for a closer look - check this out!
And elsewhere on the same bush, I found this
and this!
So to sum up, I'd say that this plant is lovely, but seemingly a little confused :)

Naturally I'm posting this to Ruby Tuesday, graciously hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet. Go there now to see more red photography from all over the world! Happy Tuesday, everyone!