Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Here I Am!!

Yes, I've been busy, and yes, I'm still busy! But I truly haven't forgotten you all, my good online friends, and so I just want to take three seconds to post this photo, exactly in time for Ruby Tuesday! Here you go - my big comeback!

It's the bougainvillea that I (very) briefly owned, a few weeks ago. I somehow convinced myself that bougainvillea wouldn't be completely miserable in a pot, on my balcony. And it seemed true, for just over a week, until... it became completely miserable, and I brought it to a coworker of mine who has a garden and was happy to adopt it! It sure was beautiful, though - maybe I'll go visit sometime :)

For more reddish photography, go to Mary's blog, Work of the Poet, where she faithfully hosts Ruby Tuesday each week. You'll be glad that you went! Have a great week, everyone!