Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A door for Wednesday!

Well, I'm still trying to walk to work as often as possible, which is truly giving me a whole new perspective on my little town. I get to see a lot more things this way, now that I'm not just driving by with my eyes fixed on the asphalt ahead! And that's how I came across this very inviting front door. Isn't it charming?

I like it! And I'm posting it to Mary's meme: Window Views... and Doors, Too! Go there right now, if you'd like to see more architecture from all around the world. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My meme choice for this week...

is Today's Flowers! I've wanted to show you all these cool planters that my very best friend kindly gave me for my birthday - they are totally funky, and just right for my 3-balcony apartment. I filled them each with white geraniums and salsalei kesef, which the internet tells me are also known as Lobularia maritima. Here's a look at them day after I filled them up:

and here's a look at them just a few weeks later!

These make me happy each time I look out my kitchen window - how could I not share them with you, my online friends :)

And of course, I'm posting this to Today's Flowers. Go there now if you'd like to see beautiful, botanical photography from all over the world! Have a great week, everyone! And a very happy Passover!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Abstract views - and a Ruby for Tuesday

Well, as I mentioned last week, I've had to cut back (significantly) on blogging recently. If everything goes as planned, it shouldn't have to be for too long - hopefully not more than a month. I'm still going to try and post here once a week, though. Here's hoping that it's better than nothing!

And on that note, I finally found a ruby! I've mentioned before that I never seem to find a lot of red items in my day to day life, so I was quite pleased to find this sign a couple of days ago. And I thought it was pretty ironic that it says "yellow" after all of my red excitement :)

So I'm definitely posting this to Ruby Tuesday, Mary's always cool meme. She hosts it with dedication, week after week, at her blog, Work of the Poet. Go check it out, if you'd like to see more reddish photography from all over the world!

But that's not all! While I have you here, I wanted to share one more thing. I've also been participating in a weekly Facebook meme called "Fifty-Two Frames." Each week has a different theme, and we, the participants, each post to that week's album. This week's theme was "abstract," and I had absolutely no idea what to do! So I walked around outside my office on my lunch break yesterday, taking photos of anything that looked at all like it could be interpreted as abstract art. For the Fifty-Two Frames album, I had to pick just one, but this is my blog, so I've decided to show you the other options that I was deliberating with! I'd love to hear what you think! Did I choose the right one?

Here are the photos:

Here's the one that I almost posted:

And here's the one I chose in the end:

(Feel free to click on any of the photos, if you'd like a closer view. Personally, I think they're all a lot cooler looking close up!)
Anyway, that's all, folks! Comments are welcome! Have a great week, everyone!