Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Purim!

Today is Purim! The kids dressed up in fun costumes, and we had a fun, busy day. And of course, we (my youngest daughter and I) made hamantaschen, those traditional Purim cookies:

Some of ours were filled with strawberry jam, and some with chocolate chips. The chocolate chip ones were a bit more picturesque, as you can see, but they were all delicious! (They look even yummier from close up - so please click on the photo, to enlarge it.)

And you can just see their shadows, peeking out from the bottoms. I think that may qualify this photo for Shadow Shot Sunday - yea! 
Happy Purim, all!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Skywatch Friday - crazy cool clouds

Wow - I think this may be the first week that I've posted to this blog every day! And here's the grand finale, Skywatch Friday!
This meme always seems too easy - since I take photos of the sky all the time, the challenge for me isn't to find a photo, but to choose the best one. And so, here's my choice of the week - a very dramatic sunrise:

Feel free to click on the photo to get a better view. And do go check out more sky-oriented photography, at Skywatch Friday. Happy Skywatching, everyone!

Thursday Challenge - Sky!

This Thursday Theme is finally something for which I have loads of photos - sky! I'm constantly shooting funky clouds, sunrises, and sunsets. Here's are some cool ones from last week:

For more Thursday Challenge entries, go to Dale's blog. Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Windows for Wednesday

Perhaps you recall my shadowy windows from earlier this week. Well, right across the street from those, I found these, which I also found quite charming, in their own way:
Right? I really like their long vertical lines, and the way each set is similar, and yet different. I think they add a lot of interesting personality to this building - feel free to click on the photo to get a better view!
And don't forget to check out Window Views... and Doors, too! hosted by Mary. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ruby Red Anemones

At least, I *think* they were anemones...
My family and I were driving through the countryside this past Friday afternoon, and happened across a patch of red. We decided to stop and see, and found these:
Of course, feel free to click on these to enlarge them. 
For more reddish photography, visit Ruby Tuesday, hosted by Mary over at Work of the Poet. Happy Tuesday, all! 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mellow Yellow and Macro Monday all in one - Pancake Cake

So, I was in the mood to serve pancakes. But I was intrigued by an idea that I heard recently: apparently, if you take pancake batter and bake it in a pan, you get one gigantic pancake that can be cut into individual servings. I figured it was worth a try, and so I spent three minutes preparing a meal, as opposed to 20 in front of a frying pan. Here's the finished pan:
Something about the texture here was fascinating - it looked to me like the surface of some faraway planet:
Interesting, right? Needless to say, the kids were shocked. Cake for dinner!
As always, feel free to click on any of the photos to enlarge them!
For lots more macro and close-up photography, check out Lisa's Chaos. And for more yellowish photography, check out Mellow Yellow Monday. Happy Monday, everyone!

Shadowy windows

In Jerusalem a few days ago, I came across these nice, shadowy windows. Interesting, right?
For more fun shadow photography of the week, check out Hey Harriet. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday, everyone!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Skywatch - what to choose?

Well, I haven't posted as much this week as I would have liked - it's just been very busy. I hope to resume my regular pace this week. I did take a bunch of sky-photos this week, though, and I'm not sure which to choose for this week's Skywatch Friday entry. Hmm... on the one hand, maybe I should save some of them for summertime, when we don't have as interesting clouds. On the other hand, will I remember, come summertime? Well, truth be told, I have enough to post a few and *still* have some left over for a rainy day. Ha, ha :)
And so, here are just a few of the cool sky-oriented photos that I caught this week:
I really am so lucky to get to view things like this! Nothing beats wintry sunsets, I'm telling you. Feel free, as always, to click on any of the photos to enlarge them.
And do go to Skywatch Friday, to see lots more sky-related photography. Happy Skywatching, everyone!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kuvaa 12 - almost missed it!

I'm sure you all remember that cool as anything meme, Kuvaa 12. It's the one where people take photos of a scene once a month, at the same time of day. Cool, right? The tricky thing is choosing a day. Earlier in the month, it was pouring rain, but there were rumors of upcoming snow, so I decided to wait. Of course, it didn't snow. And then the weather cleared up completely - and now we're in the middle of some kind of crazy heat wave! And then this afternoon I realized that I never submitted anything to the meme... oof!

So here's a shot of our sunny park this afternoon, at around 4:30:
Not terribly exciting, I know :)
You can see that the trees are almost completely bare, and it's warm enough that there are kids and parents in the park!

Just to remind you, here are the previous entries.


And the first post, from September:

That's all, folks! Do go and check out the changing seasons from all over the place, at 12 Kuvaa. That's where I'm going now - catch you there!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

An accidental shadow shot

There I was a couple of weeks ago, looking for some interesting windows or doors to photograph for Mary's weekly Wednesday meme: Window Views, and Doors, too! Something struck me about these windows, somehow, and I grabbed a quick shot. Only later, while I was downloading them onto my computer, did I realize that I had actually found a great specimen for Tracy's meme at Hey Harriet - Shadow Shot Sunday. What a lovely surprise! Here's the big winner:

 Nice one, right? As always, feel free to click on the photo to enlarge it, and get a better shot.
And do check out Hey Harriet to see more fun shadowy photography. That's where I'm going, right now! Happy Sunday, everyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skywatch - A Sunrise Surprise

You know, when I first created this blog, I figured it would be a great way for me to share all of the photographs that I've taken over the years. Little did I know that I would end up photographing so many new things that I wouldn't have much opportunity to post the older stuff! That's okay. 

Anyway - here are a few shots of the stunning sunrise that we were blessed with yesterday morning:
Not bad, right? As always, feel free to click on the photos for an even closer view.
And do go to Skywatch Friday, to check out lots more sky-oriented photography from all around the world. Have a great weekend, everyone! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A local door

Well, I do like the idea of this windows and doors meme, so I've been looking for good ones. Here's a nice combo that I found last week, right here in Efrat. Isn't it pretty?

 I really like this one! Feel free to click on the photo, to get a closer view. 

And don't forget to check out Mary's blog, for more Window Views... and Doors, too! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Rainy Ruby

To continue yesterday's story: here's my one flower shot that didn't get too fuzzy. And lucky us, it's red!

I really like how it's glistening! Feel free to click on the photo, to get an even closer view.
And of course, do check out more reddish photography of the week, at Work of the Poet! Happy Ruby Tuesday, everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An evergreen macro

Well, as I've mentioned, it's been raining. We've been sailing through storm after storm, and we're enjoying it!

One day last week, I decided to come in to work a little bit early, to try and get ahead on a few projects that I'm working on. Apparently I came in early enough that they were doing some work on the electrical infrastructure, and so I was without access to my computer. While waiting, I decided to stroll around the parking lot, and look for some good photo ops.

I hadn't realized, but the combination of post-rain and early morning lent a cool aspect to the plant life. It all looked like it had been posed for a National Geographic photo shoot, and was delicately drizzled with drops of rain/dew! It was still pretty windy out, and so I didn't have a lot of luck with the flowers that were moving in the breeze, but this evergreen was heavy enough to stay in place and let me try to capture it:

Cool stuff, right? Feel free to click on the photo, and get an even closer look.
And do check out Macro Monday, over at Lisa's Chaos, for more close-up photography of the week. Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Skywatch between storms

Well, thank God it's been raining, hailing and even snowing a bit in our little country. We are wet, and we are happy!

Here's a shot of the sunset from a few days ago - during a short spell of clear between storms:

Feel free to click on the photo to enlarge it. And don't forget to go to Skywatch Friday, to see lots and lots more sky-oriented phtography. Happy Skywatching, everyone!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Windows for Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted to this meme - but the time has come! Really, I need to take some time off dedicate to photography, but I'm not sure when that's going to happen. So I'm still pretty much limited to carrying a camera in my bag, and stopping to snap a shot or two when I happen to notice something catching my eye. That's what happened this past Friday morning, when I spotted this cool building in Jerusalem:
Nice, right?
Feel free to click on the photo to enlarge it. And do check out more window and door action, at Mary's blog: Window Views... and doors too! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A long lost ruby

When I have a choice, I generally prefer to post current photos. Additionally, I'm a bit torn on the subject of posting pics of my kids - I'm not entirely sure that it's a good idea. And yet, when going through my older stuff, I couldn't resist saving this one, of my daughter, almost ten years ago, to post for Ruby Tuesday:
It's an oldie, but a goodie :)

Do check out more reddish photography of the week at Mary's blog, Work of the Poet. Happy Ruby Tuesday, everyone!