Monday, February 22, 2010

Ruby Red Anemones

At least, I *think* they were anemones...
My family and I were driving through the countryside this past Friday afternoon, and happened across a patch of red. We decided to stop and see, and found these:
Of course, feel free to click on these to enlarge them. 
For more reddish photography, visit Ruby Tuesday, hosted by Mary over at Work of the Poet. Happy Tuesday, all! 


Dinah said...

wow, there are such a beauty to look at!

Maria said...

Fantastic, a landscape of beautiful red flowers:)
I really enjoy visiting your blog and have linked to you. Hope it`s okay?

Hootin Anni said...

Nothing prettier than red poppies!

My Ruby Tuesday - Kachina Doll

Hope you're having a super day.

Kala said...

I have never seen this flower in red before - gorgeous!