Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kuvaa 12 - almost missed it!

I'm sure you all remember that cool as anything meme, Kuvaa 12. It's the one where people take photos of a scene once a month, at the same time of day. Cool, right? The tricky thing is choosing a day. Earlier in the month, it was pouring rain, but there were rumors of upcoming snow, so I decided to wait. Of course, it didn't snow. And then the weather cleared up completely - and now we're in the middle of some kind of crazy heat wave! And then this afternoon I realized that I never submitted anything to the meme... oof!

So here's a shot of our sunny park this afternoon, at around 4:30:
Not terribly exciting, I know :)
You can see that the trees are almost completely bare, and it's warm enough that there are kids and parents in the park!

Just to remind you, here are the previous entries.


And the first post, from September:

That's all, folks! Do go and check out the changing seasons from all over the place, at 12 Kuvaa. That's where I'm going now - catch you there!

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