Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 Kuvaa #5

Here's my January installment of 12 Kuvaa - that funky meme that follows the changing seasons around the world. Those of us particiapating have been taking the same picture, the same time of day, around the same time of the month, every month. How fun is that?

This month has been unseasonally warm here in Israel - although it's been freezing and stormy all through Europe, here in Israel we've been wearing short sleeves, and even going to the beach! I know, it seems unbelievable, but it's true. And... it seems to be coming to an end. Yesterday afternoon a thick fog swept in, and by this morning everything in my neighborhood was soaked. Although it didn't rain (and likely won't this week, says the forecast) there was a heavy cloud cover all day. And so, here's what it looked like at 16:30, at my park:

Pretty dingy, right? You can see that most of the trees here have given in to Autumn. Also that it's colder and windy, and so there aren't any kids playing :(

Just to refresh your memory - December looked like this:


And the first post, from back in September:
That's all, folks! Do go and check out the changing seasons from all over the place, at 12 Kuvaa. That's where I'm going now - catch you there!


Mari said...

Here, in Southern Finland was last weekend -20 degrees cold... Now only -3 degrees. Quite different - is´n it?

EG CameraGirl said...

This is a fun meme . If it comes around again I'll have to think of a cool spot for photograph from.

tanssiva harmaa pantteri said...

Interesting to see how different your view is than ours in Finland.
No snow and green in ground!

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Bonne année.

Kimmonkamera said...

It is happening not so much, but every picture is different. Nice!

Inkivääri said...

Our winter is now more beautiful than usually, but to go to beach - I'd like it! Trees has loos leaves like ours in few month ago - are they coming back soon?

Uukka said...

It´s so quiet. I can almost hear it.