Monday, January 18, 2010

A mellow macro for Monday - under the wire

Here's a fast shot of a cute little flower growing in front of our building. It's yellow! So finally, I have something to post for Mellow Yellow Monday. *And* it's about as close up as my camera knows how to go, so I'm posting it at Macro Monday, too :)

Isn't that a cutie! Feel free to click on it to enlarge, and get an even cuter view :)

And of course, do check out more yellow photography at Mellow Yellow Monday, and more macro photography at Macro Monday. Happy Monday, all!


Anonymous said...

Looks close enough to me. Your nice shot would be even better with a bit of cropping from the right.

Colleen said...

Such a pretty little flower!

Jay said...

Great close-up! :)

K Soucy said...

very pretty, and I love your shadow shot too.

Kim, USA said...

Great color and pretty macro! Thanks for sharing!

MYM:Poster at school

toby said...

Thanks, everyone!
awarewriter - I wouldn't have thought of that - it's an interesting idea. Thanks!