Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Stock #2!

Here's another photo that I took with Robin's meme, Summer Stock Sunday in mind! Come on, does anything really say summer better than this?
Yummm. Looks good, right? But even more importantly, I took a bite moments after taking these, and can absolutely vouch for the sweetness of this watermelon!

Go check out more summery photography at Summer Stock Sunday, at Robin's great blog, Around the Island. Happy Summer, everyone! And have a great week!


Robin said...

Mmmm, that looks wonderful! (Note to self: get to the greengrocer already!)

Re my "firework" flower: according to the florist who sold it to me it's a "hartzit rosh" - a type of chrysanthemum. I've been trying to get an accurate English translation for the past 3 days but no luck so far. My online dictionary doesn't like the two-word combo and I haven't found it anywhere else online. If anyone out there knows I'd be grateful if you'd tell me!

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Carletta said...

I'm so drooling!
Isn't this just the quintessential summer dessert.... :)

(Round The Bend)