Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Waiting for my car to be examined in a less-than-classy neighborhood of Jerusalem yesterday, I found myself faced with this strange image. I decided to take a break from my search for interesting windows and/or doors, and stop to grab a shot. Wait a second - look at that! It's got a bit of red in it! Photo, I hereby dub thee Ruby Tuesday:

For more reddish photography, go to Work of the Poet, where Mary hosts the Ruby Tuesday meme. Enjoy, and have a great Tuesday, everyone!


stan said...

my pic was also taken in a car workshop!

Leora said...

It's very creative, whatever it is. Lots of mangled metal. With a lucky 7.

Raven said...

Found art! Cool shot!

EG CameraGirl said...

I really like the shadow it makes, Toby!

Did you find any photogenic doors and windows? I have to think an old, less than classy section of Jerusalem would be a great place to search for them. :)