Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Purim!

Today is Purim! The kids dressed up in fun costumes, and we had a fun, busy day. And of course, we (my youngest daughter and I) made hamantaschen, those traditional Purim cookies:

Some of ours were filled with strawberry jam, and some with chocolate chips. The chocolate chip ones were a bit more picturesque, as you can see, but they were all delicious! (They look even yummier from close up - so please click on the photo, to enlarge it.)

And you can just see their shadows, peeking out from the bottoms. I think that may qualify this photo for Shadow Shot Sunday - yea! 
Happy Purim, all!


Cassie said...

Happy Purim to you!! Happy SSS also! Your hamantashan look yummy.

Several years ago I joined my best friend,Gail,at her synagog for Purim. It was so cool! There was this one little fellow who was so cute and he made the whole congregation laugh when Haman's name was mentioned. As the gathered all expressed their contempt when Haman was mentioned, this kiddo said, "oy yoi yoi"!! So funny. An old man in a 4 year olds body...and of course since he got a laugh he continued to do it each time.

Bubby said...

Those look so delectable, you could practically eat the picture! Yum!

Hey Harriet said...

A very happy Purim to you! Gosh those cookies sure do look delicious! They wouldn't last long around me! Have a great week :)

Kala said...

The ones with jam look delicious!