Monday, May 5, 2014

Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors! #127

Welcome back to your favorite little meme!

Tonight marks Yom HaZikaron, Israel's Memorial Day for her fallen soldiers and victims of terror. It's a very moving and somber day, and it leads directly into Yom HaAtsma'ut, Israel's Independence Day, which begins tomorrow night. It's a real rollercoaster of emotions and events! Windows all over the country are decorated with Israeli flags. And since I've been really overwhelmed these past weeks, I haven't yet found the time to photograph any of them :)

That's okay, I do have my last nighttime photowalk picture to share with you! And I promise to get some flagged windows to share with you for next week :)

And so, with no further ado: here's that last nighttime photo! It's a front doorway, and I found it to be somewhat charming :)

And would you look at that! I just noticed that there's a small Israeli flag hanging from that little window! So we're all set :)

Now it's your turn! To participate in Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors! just post your photo of a window, door, or anything architectural, link here, and sign up in the widget. That's it - thanks so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful, whimsical week, all of you!


Ralph said...

Your Memorial Day has to be somber - so many have given all to protect their citizens against many an enemy. I hope for the best for Israel, always, a country I admire greatly...

This doorway is a beacon of light that exists anywhere or everywhere - we may be lost in the dark, bit a refuge from the night. Welcome home!

Lesley said...

It's been so long, I had to check to make sure you were still going!
You've got some really nice night time shots over the last few weeks.