Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The most exciting thing on our window

It started out like this:

You may recall that we had a similar situation last year. But back then, our feathered friend just disappeared one day, leaving one egg behind (which my kids later brought to the Science Corner at school). So imagine our surprise, when we found this:
 and then, this!

(Feel free to click on those, if you'd like a closer view!)
Now, just so you all understand, this happened at just the same time that we adopted a new rabbit to befriend Caramel, and happen to be dogsitting for my father in law. And so now, over the past week and a half, the head count in our house has gone from 
two adults, three kids and one rabbit 
two adults, three kids, two rabbits, a dog and three birds! 
We really should start charging an entrance fee :)

Naturally, I'm posting this window action to Mary's meme, Window Views... and Doors, Too! Go there if you'd like to see some more cool photography from all over the world. Have a great week, everyone!

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Daniela @isreview said...

OH WOW that is so amazingly cool!!! I guess your in for the treat of seeing nature at its best, right outside your window, on a yearly basis - how cool is that!!!