Monday, March 7, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - finally, some red!

I've said it a few times, and I'll say it again: although I truly love participating in the Ruby Tuesday meme, I often feel that there just isn't that much red in my life. I know it's a little bit strange - maybe it's because I don't live in a big city? But whatever the reason, I find myself constantly seeking out red objects, and not finding an awful lot of them. And so imagine my surprise when I saw these lovely tulips growing near one of our local supermarkets, just over a week ago!

At first I thought that maybe they had grown accidentally, until I found more and more, all planted in  neat rows. How cheerful! 

For more reddish photography, do go to Mary's ever-popular meme, Ruby Tuesday. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great to see your flowers. Ours are not that advanced yet.

J.Rylie.C said...

So pretty!

Ruby Blanket, my first Ruby Tuesday.

Maria @ LSS said...

Beautiful shot. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Mine's here.

Clavel said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday! I am your newest follower,

Kala said...

I am jealous - gorgeous tulip! Nothing is blooming here yet.

Robin said...

Tulips, what a treat! They're my favorite flower and I see them so rarely here.

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