Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some local windows, for Wednesday

It's very common for people to have pretty ironwork around here, in front of their homes, on windows and on doors. Maybe it's a Mediterranean thing, I don't know... Still, you see a lot of standard patterns, making ones like these really stand out. I like them a lot!

Lovely, right? Feel free to click on either photo, if you'd like a closer look.

I figure all the windows in these shots qualify this post for Mary's neat meme, Window Views... and Doors, too! Go check it out right now, to see more interesting photography from all over the world. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Lesley said...

these remind me of those flower power flowers we used to draw in the 60s (or are you too young? darn, have I just aged myself?!)

toby said...

Nope, I know just what you're talking about :)
Thanks for coming by!