Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday, Post-Chanuka

Well, I'm on a lunch break here at work, but I wanted to quickly share these Chanuka rubies with you. Of all the photos I took while we lit Chanuka candles last week, I think that this one is the reddest:
And here's what that same menora looked like after the holiday, just before we cleaned it off. I really like looking at all of those stalagmites and stalactites!
And here's the pile of leftover wax that my kids salvaged from all four of our menoras:
You too, can participate in Ruby Tuesday, Mary's ever-interesting meme! Just post a photo of something red, and link to her blog, Work of the Poet. Then go there, and sign up. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


Auntie E said...

Well it was a great time indeed.

Kim, USA said...

It's a great shot. Thanks for sharing!

Red Tuesday

Anonymous said...

Beautiful one at the top Toby! The others remind me that I have not cleaned my chanukiah yet (oil for mine).

Robin said...

Great shot of your menorah looking so festive and bright.

Is it just whatever brand I bought, or did the candles drip a whole lot more than usual this year? My menorahs were a MESS!

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