Monday, September 6, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Happy New Year II

Yes, it's the Jewish New Year season, and as you may recall from last year, there's a sure way to understand that when visiting any Israeli grocery store. Not only will they likely have sales on both apples and honey, they'll almost surely have a beautiful display of pomegranates! I was wondering to myself whether or not I'd have time to write a Happy New Year's post, when I came across these this morning, and knew that I would find some time:

Yumm! These are big and luscious - I bought three!

For more reddish photography, go check out Mary's meme, Ruby Tuesday, which she hosts at Work of the Poet. And, of course, Happy New Year, all! I won't be back online until late Saturday night - have a wonderful week! And a wonderful new year, full of health, happiness, and everything that you need!


reg said...

They look so good. Rather expensive here but worth the [rice.

EG CameraGirl said...

YUM, pomegranates. I haven't seen any in the stores here yet.

Maria @ LSS said...

Very healthy fruits!

Happy Ruby.

Maria @ LSS

Linnea said...

Those really are a lovely shade of red! I've never seen a pile that high of them before. Enjoy the day.

Auntie E said...

A great fruit.. my whole family love the juice from it.
My Ruby Link for you