Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doors in Tsfat: #1

As I mentioned, we spent a few hours wandering around Tsfat last week. I found some really intriguing doors and windows there, and some really beautiful ones! I can't possibly post them all at once, there are just too many. Here are the first photo-worthy ones that I found:

Really interesting, right? Just wait, it's going to get even better :)

For more Window Views... and Doors, too! go to Mary's meme of the same name. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Linnea said...

That's nice! I'd love to walk down that cobblestone lane and check out all those door and windows!

Perry said...


Anonymous said...

You spotted some nice ones.

Lesley said...

lovely arched doorways.
I wonder, is there a significance to the turquoise being used?

Pat said...

I really like the blue-painted arches in these doors and windows--very nice!