Sunday, August 22, 2010

JPIX - Almost Fall, 2010

Okay - ready, all? Here's my attempt at hosting JPix, the Jewish Photo Bloggers' Blog Carnival. It's organized (and usually hosted) by Leora, who generously offered to let me take a turn. But my knowledge of HTML is really limited, and so I fear that this edition is not quite as classy as usual. Still, I hope you enjoy it - I know that I enjoyed discovering all these blogs! Just one note: since I did have a bit of trouble lining up the photos, I didn't always put all of those submitted within a particular post - so once you click on the link, look around a bit, and enjoy the rest!

Here goes!
Avital went to the Jerusalem Light Exhibit

rickismom found this on her walk
Batya shows us her view of America

Leora's grandfather
Ilana-Davita found an interesting poster from way back
and some more from Batya!

Leah spent a week+ in Israel. I can't possibly
include all of her beautiful photos, so check out her
archives from April to see them all!
and after the fast

Mrs. S. shows us what she found in Modiin

Israel shows us 9 Av in Jerusalem

CosmicX gives us a Jerusalem bridge update
CosmicX shows us the inside of the rebuilt Hurva
Robin found this delicate pink leaf/petal
Leora looks at leeks - yum!
Batya found a store with lovely things
rickismom shows us her trip to Tiberias

soccer dad went to Niagara Falls

CosmicX found a pretty avocado tree
and I finally made it to the beach!

Well, that's all, folks! The next JPix (as far as I know) will be hosted by Leora, in December 2010. Until then, you can submit your favorite photos, here. Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone! And an upcoming Happy New Year!


Leora said...

This is lovely! Thanks for all your hard work. I love all the thumbnails.

Batya said...

Your JPIX is Perfect! Thanks for hosting and including me. Nu, how about trying a KCC?

Phyllis Sommer said...

really nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thumbnails and thanks for including a picture of mine.

Mrs. S. said...

Beautiful job! Thanks for including my post!

Robin said...

You did a beautiful job Toby, it's the middle of the night now (we just got back and the jetlag is killing me) but I'll be back for a proper click-through very soon.

I think I'm up for December, I hope I can manage half as good a job as you did.

toby said...

Thanks, everyone - I'm so glad you liked it!