Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am grandmother to a bunny!

I wasn't sure if this was worth posting, until I saw that this week's Thursday Challenge is "SMALL ANIMALS" (Pets, Insects, Birds,...)

And so, just like that, this became blogworthy!

My children adopted a bunny yesterday. We've named her Caramel. Isn't she adorable?
Feel free to enlarge the photo to get a better look! But Caramel will still look pretty small, for now :)

Do go check out more small animal photography, at Thursday Challenge. Happy Thursday, all!


Daniela said...

Aww, she is so sweet :)

Photo By Manka said...

What a cute bunny, she is really adorable.

Thanx for visiting my place and have a great day.


magiceye said...

sweet caramel!!!!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh sweet bunny! I want one now too! A perfect name for the little cutie. I'm sure the bunny will give much joy to your children. And to you :)

Bubby said...

What a cutie! She's adorable. I can see why the kids are crazy about her!

Benjy said...

Very cute :D

Andrea said...

Adorable. Will it be a house bunny? If so, cover your cords. We have a grand-bunny and he is permitted out of the cage to hop but only in core/wire free areas. He took out a printer and computer cable when unsupervised. Oops! They do make great pets, have fun!

Iris said...

Toby, she's gorgeous & what an apt name. Almost makes me want one. I did say almost.

toby said...

Thanks, everyone! To answer your question, Caramel has full hopping rights on our balcony, and a snug little home on it when she gets chilly.
Iris - I think she would be a mid-morning snack in your household!