Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday Challenge: Energy

Here's a Thursday meme that Leora showed me - it's called Thursday Challenge, and it's hosted by Dale. Each week there is a different topic to photograph; last week was music, which I didn't manage to pull off. This week, the topic is energy. I found this at work, and thought it might be appropriate:

Isn't that pretty? I really like the squiggly light. But really, when I think of energy here in Israel, this is what comes to mind (although it's not as aesthetically pleasing):

Yes, my friends, those can be found on nearly all rooftops, here in mostly-sunny Israel. Those are solar-powered water heaters! In Hebrew, each is called a dude shemesh. Shemesh means sun, and dude is for "dude! check out the free hot water!" No, no, that's not really the etymology, but dude is definitely one of the funnier words for us English-speaking immigrants to use...

Check out more Thursday Challenge entries here! Happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs. S. said...

"dude! check out the free hot water!"
ROTFL! :-)

We enjoyed a related Only in Israel moment last week: Our "dude" broke, and until the new part arrived, we had no hot water for a few days. So the repairman - who lives across the street - told us that we were more than welcome to come take showers in his house. (No, we didn't take him up on his offer, but we certainly appreciated it!)

toby said...

Mrs S! What a pleasure to have you visit my alter-ago blog! I'm glad that you enjoyed :)

And wow - what a full service repairman - pretty impressive, even for Israel!