Friday, October 30, 2009

Winter sunrise

Winter is a comin', and here in Israel, that's our rainy season. All summer long is dry here, without a cloud in the sky. This makes it very convenient for planning outdoor events, but not so exciting on the sky views front - no clouds is generally pretty boring.

Anyway, I was up early yesterday, assembling a birthday cake for my daughter. Suddenly, I noticed the sun rising out the kitchen window! It was a fantastic surprise, and of course, wannabe photographer that I am, I dropped everything and went for the camera:

Do check out other sky views from around the world here. Happy Skywatch Friday, everyone!


BLOGitse said...

Beautiful image!
Same here in Egypt - more clouds > a good example on my main blog today
See you there!
ps. are you in SSS on Sunday?

Jim said...

Great shot.
great series of shots
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Gretchen said...

So pretty!

Happy SWF!!!

Bubby said...

So, so pretty. I just love good sunrises. This one is especially beautiful!