Monday, October 12, 2009

12 Kuvaa #2

As you may recall, I found a cool meme last month, called 12 Kuvaa (12 Photos). Basically, you're meant to photograph a scene, and then take a photo in the same place at the same time of day one month later, and then two months later, and so on for a year. I thought it was a cool idea, and so I joined. My scene is of the park in front of my house. I took it today, at 16:30 (just like last month):

Just so you remember, here's last month's entry:

So you can see that we've changed the clock - winter is coming, and the sun now goes down earlier. But we still have plenty of leaves on the trees, and plenty of kids in the park!

We'll see what happens by next month! In the meantime, check out more 12 Kuvaa photos from around the world here!


Mari said...

So many cars today!?!?!? Everybody at home?

When does Your leves fall down? Soon? Ours are falling just now.

toby said...

Mari - well, a lot of the kids get out of daycare at 16:00, so if the weather is nice, that's the time that their moms take them to the park... Now that it's not SO hot outside, I think people like to get out in the afternoon. Soon it will be rainy and cold, and also not good park weather :(

Thanks for coming!

Linda said...

This really brings out the changing light levels. Looking forward to seeing more as the year unfolds.

Krisu said...

The light has changed more than anything else. But the Fall is coming to to you soon, right?