Monday, September 23, 2013

Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors! #95

Welcome back to your favorite little meme!
I have a feeling that Ralph is going to like this week's post...

While visiting Washington D.C. recently, we went to the new Air and Space museum, out near Dulles. We were so pleasantly surprised - it was absolutely wonderful! Here's an outside shot, on that cloudy, cloudy day:

Inside, there were aircraft of all shapes and sizes, some parked neatly on the floor, and lots suspended impressively from the hangar, as if in mid-flight. And although we knew that the actual Space Shuttle Discovery was there, I was really unprepared for just how exciting it would be to see it in person :) Check out all of these cool windows (and even doors!)! And, as always, please don't hesitate to click on any of these photos, if you'd like a closer view!

There were loads of other things to see as well, naturally, this is only a brief sum-up. The museum is free, one only needs to pay a flat fee for parking. Highly recommended!

And, for those of you interested in seeing a bit of Israeli architecture, here are some similarly themed photos - a little more from inside Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion airport!
Can you tell what those arcs are at the bottom of this photo?
Yes, you're right - they're luggage carts!
Is it just me, or do these pillars look kind of like wheels, descending from an airplane?
And leave it to Ben Gurion to not only provide free, unlimited wi-fi, but also electrical outlets to all who need! These were everywhere - thank you!!
Just a few more shots...

Somehow, even after all these years of living here, it's still heartwarming to me when I see these Israeli flags on the El Al planes :)
Oh my goodness, I think that was by far my longest post ever! I promise to get back to regular, down to earth windows and doors next week :)

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Thanks for coming by, everyone - have a wonderful, whimsical week!


Ralph said...

The Star of David shines on the tails of El Al at TLV - a beautiful blue star! And the terminal is full of angular ant artistic architecture. A great place to admire its looks while you wait, and hope that 'on-time' is really sol=...

As a lover of things that fly, I do hope to visit the Smithsonian soon - the flying history there looks incredible. And the building itself is great, shaped like the protective huts that protect the planes at any Air Force base. Curvy like the fuselage of nearly every exhibit. An excellent place and photo revue!

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» would very much enjoy the air museum in D.C.!