Monday, May 20, 2013

Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors! #77

Welcome back to your favorite little meme!
I got temporarily lost in Jerusalem today - not a difficult task in a city where everything is white. Just before I figured out where I was, I came across this oh-so-intriguing building. When I pulled over to the side of the road to take a quick photo, I was thinking that I liked the random spacing of the windows - it's a cool, unexpected twist on the modern skyscrapers where everything looks the same, and there is no apparent difference between the different stories. But now, posting it here, I wonder if it's actually a message in Morse code? Does anyone out there know?

Maybe it says "stop reading this building?"

I thought I should get a closer shot of the windows, although there's not much detail to see, it's actually a little bit mesmerizing :)

Anyway, three cheers for getting lost and finding new buildings! Now it's your turn - to participate in Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors! just post your photo of a window, door, or anything architectural, link here, and sign up in the widget. Then go and visit the other players, and check out the latest architecture from all over the globe! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week, everyone!


Ralph said...

The straight edged buildings are not so unique - yet by changing the window placement changes its character substantially. So if you cani identify a place by color (white), perhaps you can by its windows...but be careful while driving tho!

Dina said...

That's really nice. I think I've never seen it.
The only think I know in Morse code is SOS, but can't find it here in the windows. Maybe another encrypted message . . .?