Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marbled Skies - Skywatch!

I had to go out to work early a few mornings ago, and as I rounded a curve in the road, I was greeted by this lovely sunrise. I just love these kinds of swirly clouds - aren't they pretty?
I wish I could have stayed and admired it longer... but alas, work was waiting. On the other hand, I'm glad that I was able to capture this little bit of it, so that now I can look back whenever I like :)

For more sky-oriented photography from all over the world, go right now to Skywatch Friday. You'll be glad that you did! Have a great weekend, everybody!


Carolyn Ford said...

what a lovely way to begin a day, especially a work day! beautiful capture!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Lovely photo, Toby. I like the muted colours n this one.