Friday, January 7, 2011

Skywatch - A Sunrise

Well, we had a lovely sunrise this morning! It looked like this in the East:

But I thought it was cool to see the sun shining on the hills in the West, too:

And here you can see it reflecting off the windows in the town across the highway:

Cool, right?

For more interesting sky-photography, go check out Skywatch Friday, that always-fun meme. Happy Skywatching, everyone!


Martha Z said...

You remind us that there is more to the light at the ends of the day than just the sun on the horizon. It is magic light for the observer as well as the photographer.

Anonymous said...

What a nice 'compass' you did provide. Please have a wonderful Friday.

daily athens

Laura said...

beautiful Toby!

Eds said...

What a great shot's you have!

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous captures, Toby! And what a wonderful way to start the day! Hope you have a terrific weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great sky!

Happy SWF! =)

forgetmenot said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Sunsets and sunrises can be magnificent!!!