Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Stock - Green Grapes!

Well, the fact is, my kids are still in school, and so aside from the ridiculous heat, it's not really summer for us yet. I have no photos of beaches or pools, or even bathing suits. But luckily, the grocery store doesn't need to wait for vacation to begin to get that summery feeling. I found these today - delicious!
It seemed a shame to leave them locked up like that, so I let them take a peek at the free life.
For more summer photography, go check out Robin's blog, Around the Island. She hosts that refreshing meme, Summer Stock Sunday. You'll be glad you dropped by!
Happy almost Summer, everyone!


Robin said...

Yum, we're huge grape fans over here too. I've mainly been buying the red Flame variety this year - they're delicious and a particular favorite of my daughter's. She started asking for them in February and is really going to town now that they're finally in season again.

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Maude Lynn said...

I feel cooler just looking at those!

Anonymous said...

We don't usualyy eat grapes before late August so enjoy yours!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Now I want some...