Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Kuvaa #4

Here's my latest installment of 12 Kuvaa - that cool as anything meme that follows the changing seasons around the world. We've been taking the same picture, the same time of day, around the same time of the month, every month. How fun is that?

To refresh your memories, here's my first entry, from September. My photo is of the park across the street from our house:

Now, here's the same shot from October:


And November:

And now, here's this month's entry. I was hoping to get a rainy shot, but the time of day didn't work out... that's okay.

Not rainy, no, but the leaves are definitely more sparse. What a cool meme this is!

Do check out more photos from around the world at 12 Kuvaa. See you next month! 


Mari said...

Trees, there´s the change. These are cool pics, because You have to LOOK very carefully to see all things. It´s easier to us here in North Europe to show bigger changes...

toby said...

Mari - I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge :)