Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doors in Tsfat: #1

As I mentioned, we spent a few hours wandering around Tsfat last week. I found some really intriguing doors and windows there, and some really beautiful ones! I can't possibly post them all at once, there are just too many. Here are the first photo-worthy ones that I found:

Really interesting, right? Just wait, it's going to get even better :)

For more Window Views... and Doors, too! go to Mary's meme of the same name. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Linnea W said...

That's nice! I'd love to walk down that cobblestone lane and check out all those door and windows!

Perry said...


Anonymous said...

You spotted some nice ones.

Lesley said...

lovely arched doorways.
I wonder, is there a significance to the turquoise being used?

Pat said...

I really like the blue-painted arches in these doors and windows--very nice!