Monday, September 1, 2014

Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors! #144

Welcome back to your favorite little meme!
Out shopping at dusk in the center of town (Jerusalem), I glanced up, and found these pretty windows and balconies:

I like how they're simultaneously lit by the not completely darkened sky and also by the street lights, which are just turning on!

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Dina said...

Pretty, yes! And shutters are a good thing.

I have some train windows and Tel Aviv skyscrapers for you.

Fun60 said...

Love the lighting and the colour of the shutters.

Ralph said...

i love shutters that actually shut and are not exclusively decorative...and their slate blue color jumps at us (well, me anyway :) and I like the air conditioner units that sit out of the way. Another nice neighborhood!

Mascha said...

Beautiful with the lights... most I like the blue.

photodoug said...

Blue shutters add pop. Thanks for sharing.

Tania said...

I love these blue shutters. And of course, Jerusalem!
Regards from Norway

Louisette said...

Preety colors
Greeting from Belgium.

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